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Unleash the new potential of your Android smartphone, and spend your evening immersed in a new world of incredible stories and adventures!

       Modern team in an experienced organization to develop interesting and intellectual hidden object games for Android for players of all ages. Many games are ready to immerse the player in a world full of riddles, investigations, and colorful puzzles.

       A beautiful, well thought out plot and exciting locations will make your heart go out to the atmosphere of the game for Android you choose and enjoy the fascinating stories of the characters. From the currently available stories you can choose a mystical adventure with ghosts or a witch hunt, a love story where you have to take the place of the main character and win the heart of the beautiful lady, or be in the shoes of the most popular detective who faced a complicated investigation in his career and can't cope without your help, and also dive into a fantasy world with previously unknown kingdoms full of magic and miracles and much more!

       Our team is very fond of its games and treats game development and release with special trepidation. We think games are a great way to cheer up spending a couple of hours in the evening playing your favorite story.

       The development of our site doesn't end here, we have a huge number of ideas and we're planning to launch even more best versions of paid, free, online and offline hidden object games for Android, as well as to present you even more exciting stories and plots, with a variety of content.