Labyrinths of the World: Stonehenge Legend (Free to Play)

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

Something happened near Stonehenge, and your sister barely survived the event. The magical portals had opened, and through them, colliding temperatures now tear your world apart. The governmental agency had sent their best man to take care of the problem before the damage becomes irreversible. Now your goal is to cooperate with this person in order to find a way to use those portals and discover their purpose. During your investigation, you can uncover many secrets, and solve the mystery behind Stonehenge itself. Play this great puzzle game and find out the truth!


✔️Play Bonus Chapter to save the Earth from permanent climate change.

✔️Solve brainteasers to collect items!

✔️Re-play fun puzzles and enjoy bonuses in the extra menu!

✔️Earn achievements by using your wits!