Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector’s Edition

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Price: $5.99 - $19.99
Game description

A new strange case has police officers puzzled. A strain of suicides had shaken up the local community, and yet, there is no foul play to be found at the crime scenes. Only one thing is known for certain - all the victims are tied together by one place. All of them were employees of one of the city’s largest publishing houses. Can this be coincidental? You don’t believe that. Your friend calls you for help because you possess a supernatural power that can crack this case. Soon you find out that the terrible events are connected to a novel, written by a mad author. Everyone, who read it, is in danger! And you are among the potential victims. Solve puzzles and brain teasers to learn the truth and save everyone from death. Are you smart enough to escape fate? Learn in this thrilling hidden object adventure!

✔️Play the bonus game to continue investigating strange cases that nobody else can conquer! 

✔️Use the Strategy Guide if your intuition is not enough!

✔️Save not only people but also animals!

✔️Gather cursed items all over the game!

✔️Visit the Extra menu to enjoy various bonus materials that you can download on your device!