Mystery Tales: Art and Souls Collector’s Edition

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Price: $6.99 - $19.99
Game description

Your friends now own a gallery! An opening exhibition was a success because of a magical enchanted brush. You don’t believe it at first, but you just have to be convinced after one of your friends goes missing! And then, when you prepare to help, your other friend vanishes too, so you are the only one left before a mystical treat. A dead artist is set to finish his work, no matter what it takes. Are you up for the challenge? Find a way to escape the painting with your friends, before it’s too late!


✔️Visit a haunted museum in the bonus game!

✔️Decorate your room by playing mini-games!

✔️Find all the cleverly-hidden collectibles!

✔️Save extras on your device!

✔️Use a Strategy Guide when lost!