Enchanted Kingdom: Arcadian Backwoods Collector’s Edition

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Price: $5.99 - $19.99
Game description

You find yourself in the beautiful country of Arcadia! The history of this country is extremely interesting, because about a hundred years ago there was a great battle between two peoples, from one of them only myths remained as a heritage! But that turned out to be untrue! The Kinzuls turned out to be alive, and now you have to find out everything! But unfortunately, things are not so simple, so you have to work as a team with the demigods to stop the ancient warriors! Go on an unforgettable journey!


✔️ Earn all the achievements!

✔️ Solve challenging puzzles!

✔️ Gather extra content for your Laboratory!

✔️ Download soundtracks, concept arts, and other collectible content!

✔️ The Strategy Guide will help you out!