Secret City: The Sunken Kingdom Collector's Edition (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

After a dangerous search for the ancient Merfolk Kingdom, one of the famous explorers turned to stone and who, if not you, must investigate this case! In the course of your investigation, you face an enemy who wants revenge! Will you be able to stop the dangerous tyrant and his immortal generals, while saving the city from capture? Or will you surrender and give up your city? Play this amusing game and find all the hidden treasures to help you in the main battle!


✔️ Can you stop the madman and save the kingdom from imminent death in the bonus chapter!

✔️ Replay your favorite riddles and earn tons of exciting achievements!

✔️ There are tons of different collectibles in each location!

✔️ Enjoy exclusive content from the developer! Soundtrack, wallpapers and much more are already waiting for you in the game!