Secret City: Sacred Fire (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

Brussels Secret City suffers from heavy fire. Your old friend Sakir is waiting for you to find answers to what happened there. The beginning looks like a simple circus adventure about performer Sherine and her dragon. However, nothing can be so simple. A stranger, a woman whom nobody knows, tries to split up the friendship. Can you dare to hack the secret of the hidden dragon, find out the key to finish terrible fiers? Get ready to challenge this mysterious Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!


✔️ Overplay your liked HOPs and mini-games to develop your progress!

✔️ Gain morphing pillar and dragon figures to unblock much Knowledge to search coins to get circus trolleys.

✔️ Be excited from new wallpapers, concept art, music, videos, and more!

✔️ Hunt for the dragon with a useful Strategy Guide!