Secret City: London Calling (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
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Take a peek into our newest project!


Have you ever been to London? We invite you to this beautiful city once again. But this time you will visit the secret part of it, hidden from everyone else. The truth is that a lot of magical creatures and other races live alongside humans, hidden with powerful magic. The city is shaken by a horrible series of killings, and you have been invited to investigate. This case puts in danger peace between the citizens, so you have to be quick. You have a chance to find the murderer and explore the unknown culture of London in this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure!


✔️Go through gripping hidden-object puzzles to challenge your whits!

✔️Enjoy bonus content available in the Collector’s Edition!

✔️Learn more about the secret life of London, hidden from humans!

✔️Gather unique collections and earn different achievements!