Secret City: Chalk of Fate Collector's Edition

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Price: $5.99 - $19.99
Game description

Secret City is yet again in danger, and only its trusted detective can help! So take your gear and start your new investigation! The peace was disturbed right before a major artifact exhibition. The whole exhibition was supposed to be secret, and yet someone found out about it and stole one of the greatest artifacts of the collection. Why would anybody need The Chalk of Fate? It’s your job to find out! The clues scattered around dark New York alleys will not be easy to trace. So play this breathtaking hidden-object puzzle quest and solve the case!


✔️ Play the bonus level in which you’ll be put up against a new villain!

✔️ Earn different achievements by exploring Secret City back alleys and replaying mini-games you loved mos! 

✔️ Travel through colorful locations in order to gather countless collectible items! 

✔️ Visit the extra section of the game if you want to get additional art, music, and wallpapers!

✔️ Use a handy Strategy Guise if the trace starts to get cold!