Myths or Reality: Fairy Lands Collector's Edition

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for Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
$13.99 $9.79
Download demo for Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (525.5 MB)

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Game description

Pinesworth is a wonderful place full of enchantment and wonder. From a first glance, you would never tell that local residents hurry to escape the place, leaving behind their homes and belongings. Some would say that mischievous fairies are at fault, but you know that nothing is as simple as it seems. The village chief is not a trustworthy person, but it is not easy to prove that he’s evil. Will you be the one who uncovers his sinister plan? The whole village is looking at you for justice. Become a vigilant hero of this hidden-object puzzle adventure!


✔️ Uncover the world of magic!

✔️ Learn the truth!

✔️ Play puzzles, solve mini-games, and earn a plethora of achievements!

✔️ Gather morphing items and look out for collectible objects!

✔️ Play an exciting bonus chapter and challenge yourself with another mystery!