Mystery Tales: Til Death Collector's Edition

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Price: $6.99 - $19.99
Game description

Your niece needs your help! And of course, when she calls you, you grab your feline friend and rush to her side. Turns out that her fiance fell into a coma out of the blue! Their wedding is now ruined, and the life of a young man is in danger.

You quickly find out that the reason for this tragedy is supernatural in nature, and there is an evil spirit that needs to be defeated. Now you have to travel through the Underworld to help your niece’s fiance, save his life and keep your own. Get to the bottom of this mystery and solve puzzles and riddles in this great hidden object puzzle!

✔️Your cat needs help in the bonus level!

✔️Solve puzzles and riddles to earn all achievements of the game!

✔️Play on different levels and look for a collection of postcards, coins and artifacts! 

✔️Go to the extra menu to save different bonus materials on your device!

✔️Use a strategy guide to never get lost or stuck!