Mystery Tales: The Other Side (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

Twola was always a small town with nothing exciting happening there. But then a new television company moved there and the town had its glow-up. It’s been ten years, and the company now celebrates its anniversary. Every resident of Twola got a brand-new TV as a gift, but the celebration quickly ended when people started dying right in front of their new screens. People started to have questions, and now you need to join your friend on an investigation. Crack the case before more people die in this chilling hidden-object puzzle game!


✔️Play the bonus chapter and stop the demon!

✔️Collect different artifacts and coins on the colorful levels!

✔️Music, concept-art and wallpapers are waiting for you in the Extra!

✔️If it's difficult to find clues, consult a Strategy Guide!