Mystery Tales: The House of Others (Free to Play)

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

Go on a new blood-chilling adventure in this addition to our fascinating Mystery Tales series!


Your peaceful life is disturbed one day when you receive a strange note. This note is a sinister warning that predicts your brother’s death. Your brother works as a host for one of the famous TV-shows and has no enemies to speak of. So, you go on an investigation! Use your supernatural powers to see the past and interact with the spiritual forces of the world to find out if your brother is really in danger. And, if he is, save him from an unknown force. To do that, you have to visit a mansion that is believed to be haunted. Untangle the unsolved mystery and save your beloved sibling in this engaging Free To Play hidden-object puzzle quest! 

✔️Try solving another ghostly case in the bonus chapter!

✔️Uncover other stories and collect figurines throughout the game!

✔️Gather your own collection of butterflies and mysterious tarot cards!

✔️Find exclusive bonuses in the Extra menu of the game and download colorful wallpapers and concept-art on your device!