Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets Collector’s Edition

Game Summary

Price: $6,99
Game description

Another intriguing case happened - Miranda Grey’s husband went missing. Who will investigate the case this time? No one but you! You realise this case won’t be the easiest one. The Grey’s mansion is full of mysteries because in the past there were some other cases of people missing. There was no evidence but strange dolls in their place. You feel that ghost energy around the place so suddenly you come up with the idea that there is something more than meets the eye. Will you be able to stop the ghostly enemy from destroying the Grey family, or you will be a permanent resident of the estate yourself? Find out playing this mysterious hidden object game!


✔️ You have to stop the mad scientist in the bonus chapter!

✔️ Replay all HOPs and brain teasers to earn more achievements!

✔️ Lots of collectibles and morphing objects are waiting for you in each location!

✔️ Enjoy exclusive developer’s content!

✔️ Learn your next move with our handy guide!