Labyrinths Of The World: Eternal Winter (Free to Play)

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

Your skills will be tested when you find out that a famous anomaly investigator has found trouble for herself. Only you, the Seeker, can help her with her discovery. When she went to investigate strange northern lights, she found out that another world is sending distress signals! It’s freezing cold, but the temperature is not what worries you. Dragons keep attacking the realm, and the innocent people don’t know what to do. An old ally betrayed you, so now you’re left on your own in this disaster. Will you be able to gather your courage to save the world’s hearts and your friend before it’s too late? Play this hidden object adventure to find out!


✔️ Play an exciting Bonus Chapter to stand against more dragons!

✔️ Earn achievements by showing off your puzzle-solving skills!

✔️ Decorate your own frozen garden!

✔️ Enjoy extra bonuses that you can download on your device!