Hidden Expedition: The Price of Paradise (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

You are a person of science who does not believe in the supernatural. You are a master of ancient Aztec languages. Suddenly, your expedition work turns into a mystery adventure that awakens Coatlicue, the Aztec goddess of nature! Now you try not to fall into the dirt face. Your job now is protecting humanity from Coatlicue and the person who awaked her. You need to take all your braveness in fist and face the danger of goddess in the flesh, return her to eternal rest. Are you ready to take risks? Find out this in the puzzle games!


✔️ Get treasures and Aztec calendar pieces throughout the game

✔️ Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games - and add to your achievement awards!

✔️ Save your favorite Aztec adventures with wallpapers, concept art, and music.