Hidden Expedition: Reign of Flames (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

An ancient volcano has awakened in Samoa and its eruption has exposed mysterious caves. Hurry to the rescue! Only your knowledge will help you understand what is happening. The mysterious Maori texts seem to be calling to you, but you are not the only ones interested in them. A harmless expedition trip takes an unexpected turn. Your work is stolen in a most brazen way! Legend has it that it was the Maori who kept a powerful artifact, the Sun Droplet, which has destructive powers. Who is after it? On your shoulders falls the responsibility for the fate of our world! Immerse yourself in the exciting world of legend in our hidden object games!


✔️ Fight Columbine and recover the Maori tablet that was stolen!

✔️ Play our HOP games and mini-games again! Getting extra achievements is so satisfying!

✔️ Many collectibles from souvenirs to Maori tattoos are available to you!

✔️ We've made sure you can keep something as a memento! Save the audio and visual content of our game!

✔️ Our strategy guide will save you if you get stuck!