Fatal Evidence: The Missing (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

Only you are able to help your friend when he has some troubles. His beloved wife has gone missing and police are looking for who is incharge of. So your friend is under suspicion. As a result, he got arrested for kidnapping his own wife. You finally find some clues that it is a foul play. But who wants to frame your friend and for what? You need to find out all the necessary details and help to clear your friend’s good name. Are you brave enough and able to do that? Play this fascinating detective game, collect all the hidden objects and crack the case!

✔️  Stop the Dark Hunter who is endangering you and your family!

✔️ Want to get more achievements? Replay your favorite mini-games, puzzles and brain teasers!

✔️ Decorate your Kitchen and collect all the hidden collectibles in every location of the game!

✔️ More developer’s content is waiting for you in our game! From breathtaking videos to picturesque wallpapers!