Fatal Evidence: The Cursed Island Collector’s Edition

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Price: $5.99 - $19.99
Game description

You travel to a remote island in order to investigate your sister’s old mentor’s death. Together you come to an island just in time to hear out the will of the deceased. But you soon find out that everyone who attended the hearing is now trapped on an island with a dangerous masked villain. This mysterious figure calls out the murderer as if he is there with you. And now in order to safely escape the island you have no other choice but to find the person who is behind the murder. The masked figure is planning something, and you must find out what it is. What does it take to survive? Play this horrific hidden object puzzle game and find out!


✔️Your husband needs your help! Play the bonus chapter of this captivating game and find out who is endangering his reputation!

✔️Find clues and photographs while you play and replay your favorite mini-games of this game, crack difficult cases and earn achievements!

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