Fatal Evidence: In A Lamb`s Skin Collector's Edition

Game Summary

Price: $5.99 - 6.99
Game description

Do you remember the cases you solved in the past? It is time to refresh your memory. Because the public is shaken by a new string of murders, and you are pretty sure that the culprit is behind bars. It is time to find out who the copycat is, to stop more tragedies from happening. Will you be able to find a common ground with your old enemy for the greater good?  Or will you fall victim to this new killer? Find out in this chilling hidden object quest!


✔️ Play a bonus chapter to keep your detective skills sharp!

✔️ Replay puzzles and mini-games, earn achievements!

✔️ Rewatch cutscenes from the game if you like them!

✔️ Exclusive bonuses in the Extra menu!

✔️ Use the Strategy guide to never get lost!