Fatal Evidence: Art of Murder (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

You were hoping to live your life peacefully. But, unfortunately, not all our wishes come true. Two police agents came to your house and broke out the grim news. It seems like there is a murderer on the loose. An art-obsessed lunatic demands that you participate in his crimes’ investigation! But why? Who is this dangerous man, and when did you cross paths? One of the detectives on the case doubts you and your abilities, and it only makes everything worse. Can you prove yourself to the police and save another unfortunate victim in this thrilling hidden object game? Play to find out!


✔️Play more to find out the true identity of the killer!

✔️Solve puzzles, complete different mini-games, and earn achievements for your efforts!

✔️Look out for clues on the case, but also don’t forget collectible items!

✔️Visit the Extra menu for exclusive content!