Fairy Godmother Stories: Puss in Boots (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

You are needed by the Ministry of Discipline!  A robber known as “Puss in Boots” operates in the town of Taleville. The town's inhabitants are in fear and there is hardly any evidence. On this quest, only the Fairy Godmother of your level can pull it off! Use your magical skills to help the citizens of Taleville, and free the city from crime. Do you have the will to help the citizens of Taleville? Try to figure it out in this thrilling puzzle adventure with hidden objects!


✔️ A detective story set in a magical theme

✔️ Examine beautifully illustrated locations

✔️ Atmospheric soundtrack to encourage you to investigate

✔️ Delightful voice-overs and an immersive world