Enchanted Kingdom: Master Of Riddles (Free-to-Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

Long ago, there was a powerful wizard. He was last of his kind. And before he vanished, he sealed away the magic of the entire kingdom, using complicated riddles, and scattered them around the empire. Now you, his only descendant, is called for help. A terrible war is looming on the horizon, and to save your kingdom, you have to help the Emperor solve enchanted riddles and bring back the magic. But you know better than anyone that magic can be used for not only protection but also for destruction. Will you be able to save your homeland, or will you let it perish before your eyes? Play this hidden-object puzzle and find out!


✔️Bring back the magical aura of the kingdom!

✔️Look out for and gather different collectible artifacts as you go!

✔️Visit the Extra menu to challenge yourself with more puzzles and mini-games!

✔️Download more different bonuses, such as music, art, and wallpaper!