Enchanted Kingdom: Master Of Riddles Collector’s Edition

Game Summary

Price: $6.99
Game description

In the past rulers of the empire made a decision to seal the magical abilities of everyone with powerful spells and riddles. But now the world has changed and a great war is looming on the horizon. So your king decided to restore the magic that was sealed away in order to use it for good. But nothing is as easy as it is, because your grandfather who worked on sealing it away, did a great job. He knew that magic is a dangerous tool that can be used not only for good but also for evil. So now you have to travel the world in order to find a way to bypass your grandfather’s enchantments and save your homeland! Solve countless riddles in this captivating hidden-object puzzle game!


✔️ Bring back magic and find colorful pearls along the way!

✔️ Explore the Empire while you travel and keep an eye out for collectible items!

✔️ Show off your intelligence and replay brain teasers that you liked most!

✔️ Download special bonuses from the extra menu of the game!

✔️ If some riddles seem too hard, take a peek into the Strategy Guide!