Dark Romance: The Monster Within (Free to Play)

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

A tragedy came into your home when the love of your life Sybill received a mysterious gift. It was a portrait that quickly started to turn into a picture of a weird otherworldly creature. And to your horror, Sybill started transforming into this creature. Only if you work together you can find out who wants to hurt you so deeply. Your time to find the culprit is running out because the girl will soon be irreversibly transformed. So hurry to find traces of the villain and evidence of his involvement in this heart-wrenching hidden object romance game – Dark Romance: The Monster Within!


✔️Play bonus level and help your sibling defeat a new enemy!

✔️Explore different locations to gather a collection of beautiful brushes and artifacts!

✔️Play your favorite mini-games and the game will reward you with achievements!

✔️The painting of Sybill is not the only one, so find others!

✔️Extra materials are waiting for you in the extra menu of the game!