Dark Romance: Sleepy Hollow (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

Gloomy, but charming Sleepy Hollow is not safe since the madness of Headless Horseman. Local people are afraid of his crazy actions around their town. You have a letter from your lifelong mate about a chain of mystery deaths and he is looking for your help!  You should hurry up because his existence brings immediate death. Take your abilities in fist and be on the alert because somebody is working out plans to stop you. Do you have all the necessary stuff to hack the secret of murders, or you want to be aside and become the Horseman’s next prey? 


✔️ Choose two roles to resolve the deal

✔️ Adaptation of the Washington Irving novel

✔️ Lead on the mystery of Sleepy Hollow!

✔️ Get hidden items and find out the answer