Dark Romance: Sleepy Hollow Collector's Edition

Game Summary

Price: $6.99
Game description

One day you are surprised to receive a letter from an old friend from your hometown. In it, he describes to you a series of horrifying murders that shook the lives of the townsfolk. So much so, that old fables of the Headless Horseman start to arise in town’s gossip. Your friend is asking for your aid, and you cannot refuse him in such a troublesome time. This line of blood-chilling crimes has to end, but will you be able to stop the dark legend? Time is quickly running out, so you need to gather every bit of your skill and courage. Play this thrilling hidden object adventure to crack the case and bring the mysterious murderer to justice!

✔️ Your hometown needs your help! Defend it against all dark forces that seek vengeance!

✔️ Show off your puzzle-solving abilities and be rewarded with achievements!

✔️ Gather different collectibles as you play, and then marvel at your own beautiful collection of trinkets!

✔️ Enjoy concept art, music, and wallpapers that you can find in the Extras menu!

✔️ If you ever get lost, never fear! A useful Strategy Guide will always help you find your way!