Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

Romeo and Juliet can finally be together, because their families’ feud is finally ended after long years of rivalry. And yet, there is an evil entity that just wants to keep the feud going. A ghost snatched Juliet away in hopes to destroy a long-awaited peace, and now it’s up to Romeo to save his bride. Will you help him fight for his love, or is the couple destined to never see a happy ending? See the story from both perspectives and challenge the destiny itself in this great Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure gam

✔️ Become Mercutio in the Bonus Game and save the ill-fated couple!

✔️ Collect coins, masks and scrolls while you play!

✔️ Decorate Juliet’s boudoir after solving all the puzzles!

✔️ Download extra materials and never forget this wonderful game!