Dark Romance: Curse of Bluebeard Collector’s Edition

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Price: $5.99 - $19.99
Game description

Bluebeard always wanted an heir that’s why he was searching for the one who could give birth to a normal baby. All of his children turn into monsters. So he found Rachel who he chose as his bride but she is already spoused. Help this couple to escape this curse! This thrilling game is waiting for you!

✔️ Save your son in the Bonus Chapter!

✔️ Collect extra objects!

✔️Complete your boudoir!

✔️ Get all achievements!

Big Fish Games Beta testers are saying:


“I did love the game as well as the riddles and the dual choice of characters. The scenery is very lovely. I didn’t find the puzzles too hard so if you think that you cannot solve it, you just can change the mode into an easy one.” – Jasmine, beta tester

“I adore some interactive items of this game so you can click on them and see the animation start. Also I think that it is a good idea to give people to switch between two modes - hard and easy. They can test themselves. The appearance of the characters is the best, especially Rachel’s voiceover. I would definitely recommend this game to my friends.” – Amanda, beta tester