General Information

Users of the Domini Games App for iOS can enjoy the benefits of Subscription, a new feature of this app.

Subscription costs only 4.99 USD a month and provides a range of bonuses.

1. You’ll get a free game at your choice every month.

2. You’ll get discounts for old and new releases of DominiGames games.

3. You get a full catalogue of games and actual news about coming releases, discounts, sales, etc.

The Subscription will renew automatically every month. If you want to cancel the Subscription, you can do it anytime by following the instructions:


You cannot refund money for the Subscription once you bought it.

Subscription Purchase

Open the Domini Games App and go to the “Subscriptions” section.


Select the “Subscribe” button to buy a Subscription.

After you select the “Subscribe” button, you’ll see and information message about the need of authentication!


After you press the “Ok” button, you’ll be redirected to the authentication/registration page

You can register/authenticate through your email or Facebook account.


Upon authorization in the application, you’ll see a dialog box of the purchase.

You may need to enter your Apple account password!


After you buy a Subscription, you’ll see an information box.

Apart from that, the background image in the app will change showing that you have been subscribed.

Congratulations! You got a Subscription and now you can buy DominiGames games at reduced prices!


Free game unlock

After you buy a Subscription, you’ll be able to get one game at your choice for free! This is how to do it.

Select the “Games” section in the Domini Games App


Choose and tap any game labelled “Free!”

You’ll see the confirmation dialog box. Select “Ok” if you sure about your choice of the game.


You’ll see an information box confirming your choice.


Upon selecting “Ok”, you’ll be redirected to the Store to download the free game.


Your free game will be unlocked automatically after you launch it.

Game Purchase (while subscription is active)

After you launch any DominiGames game, you get to the Main Menu


Select “Unlock Now!” and get to the game purchase page.


Select the “Unlock Now!” button again to see the conformation box. If your Subscription is active, you’ll see the reduced Subscribers’ Full Game Unlock price.