fbpx What would you do to stay forever young and beautiful?
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What would you do to stay forever young and beautiful?

Magic has lots and lots of differents spells and curses in store. One of the most cruel is the curse of aging. What a woman would feel if she was to grow every day a year older?! It’s a disaster. That’s why an old witch Nivella, a character of our new game Dark Romance: Winter Lily Collector’s Edition, is ready for everything to stay young and beautiful. She finds out a way to do it, and it’s connected with a Princess Lily, whose pure heart and soul are capable of removing the curse. Nivella starts a chase!

But there’s always blessing in disguise, and Nivella’s actions lead to the fact that Princess Lily and the King of another Kingdom meet each other and… fall in love. Now the couple will have to fight for their lives and future, helping one another in turn. Tricky actions of Nivella are outfoxed by the couple’s clever moves and decisions.

The game has its pleasant winter atmosphere with notes of miracles and royalty. You’ll have to play for two characters and solve intriguing puzzles and interesting HOPs, enjoy unexpected plot twists and the range of strong emotional characters. Follow the news in order not to miss the release of Dark Romance: Winter Lily Collector’s Edition! 

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