fbpx Try Not to Get Lost in the Labyrinths of the World
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Try Not to Get Lost in the Labyrinths of the World

It seems that all the worlds are living in peace under vigilant control of the Seekers, and it’s time for you and your sister Margaret to get back to your hobby – studying ancient manuscripts. You got a lucky chance of working in the British Library full of rare books, scrolls and manuscripts. Your first task is to find and compile all the ancient books from the classified section. As soon as your curios sister opens the book called “The Gates”, something paranormal happens – she gets pulled inside! Now you have to enter the world of the book and visit the trio of amazing worlds – the World of Order, the World of Chaos and the World of Arena. Your search won’t be easy after you find out that an evil despot has kidnapped your sister to use her powers in his own mean purposes. Moreover, he’s been terrorizing other residents of the two complementary worlds!

During your unforgettable adventure, you’ll reveal the secrets of three coexisting worlds, meet new interesting characters, enjoy breathtaking nature and even travel on a fire dragon! You’ll also have to solve a variety of intriguing puzzles and mini-games, search for carefully hidden objects in many hidden-object scenes and help the local residents fight agains the tyranny of the person who desired too much power and might.

Will you be able to find your sister Margaret and help the residents of the two balancing worlds find peace? Find out in our coming soon game Labyrinths of the World:  When Worlds Collide Collector’s Edition! 


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