fbpx New game of the Dark Romance series is coming soon!
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New game of the Dark Romance series is coming soon!

A new game of the Dark Romance series is going to be released soon! Grasping storyline, amazing graphics, new interesting mini-games and hidden object scenes and two interchangeable main characters, along with new collectibles, artifacts, morphing-objects and achievements are waiting for you in the Dark Romance: The Monster Within Collector’s Edition!

Nigel and Sybil’s wedding is darkened by a horrible gift, which turned Sybil into a monster. Soon you’ll find out that she’s not the only victim, and there are even more to come. Who stands behind these horrible things and what does he want? Will the newly married couple manage to find the solution and stop the villain? To do so, they’ll have to go through a lot of difficulties, meet interesting people, often display their bravery and wind up their brains. Are you ready to dip into the wonderful world full of magic and intrigues?

In this Collector’s Edition you will not only enjoy solving a mysterious case of people’s transformation into monsters, but also learn a prequel to these horrible events in the Bonus Chapter. And as usual, this edition will delight you with wallpapers, music, concept art and a collection of cursed pictures… Will you dare to have a look at them?



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