fbpx Release of a new game of the Mystery Tales series
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Release of a new game of the Mystery Tales series

Do you believe in dreams? Have you ever seen your relatives or friends asking for help in your nightmares? This is what happens to the PC in our new game of the Mystery Tales series! Your brother Patrick and his fiancée Stephanie are fond of their work. They’re shooting documentary films on paranormal activities. This time they’ve chosen the infamous Arden Mansion, where serial killer Count Valack Arden committed his heinous crimes over a hundred years ago. But it’s known that it’s better not to disturb mysterious and ominous places… Something goes wrong and your brother Patrick get possessed by an evil dark entity! In the Mystery Tales: The House of Others Collector’s Edition you will have to travel to the astral worlds to save your brother and oppose the astral entities in search of ways to get rid of the ghost.

The new game is in keeping with the best traditions of the Mystery Tales series. Mysterious events, gloomy interiors, eye-catching landscapes, interesting characters and tons of brain teasing puzzles, mini-games and hidden object scenes! In this Collector’s Edition you’ll find new unique materials like wallpapers, concept art, soundtracks and more. The Bonus Chapter will give you an opportunity to learn more about Count Valack’s life. Enjoy the time spent playing our new game! Click here to learn more!

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