fbpx The Elders Return to the Enchanted Kingdom
Come Back

The Elders Return to the Enchanted Kingdom

Your visit to the Alchemist Order for getting new devices for the Medico Imperium is spoiled by a catastrophe! Crystals started to fall down on the Tar Empire from a soaring island. They cause a strange kind of a disease – a victim’s body gets covered with mysterious symbols and the soul leaves the body! You find out that the crystals have elven origin, and they fall from the Elven soaring island, which hasn’t been seen for ages before! But what do the elves want? Long ago, elves and people lived in harmony and peace, exchanging their magical and alchemical knowledge, until the day when the elves started to catch an unknown disease. The elven alchemist found the solution in stealing people’s life energy for maintaining their health, and people decided to attack to stop this injustice. But right on the day when the humans gathered their army, the Elven Kingdom disappeared! Now it’s back, and it looks like the elves don’t have friendly intentions… Will you be able to sort the conflict with the elves out and prevent the deaths from the dangerous elven crystals? Find out in our coming soon game Enchanted Kingdom: Descend of the Elders! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter to stay up-to-date!

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