Spirit Legends: Time for Change On IOS!

Spirit Legends: Time for Change On IOS!

Domini Games proudly presents Spirit Legends: Time for Change on iOS, a brand-new story in the action-packed fantasy series!

It’s a trial by fire when a mysterious masked man declares war on Monster Hunters Academy on your first day! Dangerous monsters roam the halls, and nobody is safe, not even your mother, Professor Helen Lyngren. But who is this masked madman, and what caused his hatred of spirits and those who cooperate with them?

✔️Save your mother from an ancient evil in the bonus game!

✔️Decorate the Head of the Academy’s study!

✔️Examine special magical inventions and collect geodes to learn about the spirits!

✔️Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, videos, concept art, and more!

✔️Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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