New Christmas Game and SALE!

New Christmas Game and SALE!

We're proudly presenting to all our users our new festive Christmas game - The Christmas Spirit: Grimm Tales Collector's Edition!?

When your father, Wilhelm Grimm, is pulled into one of his storybooks by Dame Gothel’s dark magic, you must set out on an adventure into Fairytale Land to stop Dame Gothel, save Wilhelm, Fairytale land, and the future of Christmas itself! Meet classic characters and make new friends as you journey through Fairytale Land in this unforgettable Yuletide quest!

This game is available for all platforms - PC/Mac, Android and iOS! Download the game now and get the Christmas festive spirit! ?


Feel the Christmas holidays are long enough to play more Christmas games? That's great because we're starting a HUGE SALE on all our Christmas games for Android, Kindle Fire, iPads and iPhones! Hurry to save up to 35% of price!

Check out our Christmas premiere The Christmas Spirit: trouble in Oz Collector's Edition and try to save Christmas from evil goblins! Your friend Toto will help you in your adventure. 

Play the second game of the Christmas series The Christmas Spirit: Mother Goose's Untold Tales Collector's Edition and go on adventure with your favorite characters! 

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