Mystery Tales: The Reel Horror FREE-TO-PLAY Available on iOS!

Mystery Tales: The Reel Horror FREE-TO-PLAY Available on iOS!

Stop a mad movie director in one of the best free-to-play hidden object games!

A brand new installment in the famous series of hidden treasures games full of mystery and suspense! Start a new mysterious investigation in one of the most captivating hidden objects games free new!

Your good friend Officer Jefferson needs your help in solving finding games and mystery games and riddles! Use your paranormal powers to find objects and track down his sister Maya and colleagues in an abandoned cinema full of search games before the ghostly director makes them the star of his latest film. Hold onto the edge of your seat for these spooky hidden-objects seek and find games free!

Solve another riddle in the bonus chapter full of free hidden objects and object finding games! Delve deeper into Dawnwood's history in the bonus chapter and stop the soul of mad horror movie director.

Solve lots of puzzles, riddles, hidden object mystery games, seek and find hidden objects to save the missing architects and stop the mad director Sebastian Flemming! Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Gather evidence, photos and collectible information about Sebastian’s Flemming. Learn more about Sebastian's life through hidden collectibles and find a way to stop him! Can you stop the director before he brings the real horror to the little town of Dawnwood, making all its residents the real actors of Flemming’s final horrifying masterpiece?

Enjoy all the bonuses of the Collector’s Edition of this game. Complete the main game to unlock the full-length Bonus Chapter with its own unique story! Unlock the replayable mini-games, hidden object scenes, puzzles and riddles! Enjoy exclusive concept art, music, achievements, and more!

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