Halloween Chronicles: Family available on Android!

Halloween Chronicles: Family available on Android!

Are you enjoying the spooky season? This is a great time to play haunted house mystery hidden objects games free. Here are new object finding games that players of horror games and mystery games will love! It’s Halloween Eve, and you’re hurrying to your uncle’s fair to play hidden objects games for free! But the family reunion with distant relatives the Sullivans ends in a disaster when you realize that an evil vampire named Walter started a hunt on them all, including you! The Lord of the Monsters, he wants to release his loyal servants from the basement of the Sullivan mansion. Can you disenchant your aunt, save your nephew and find the missing nieces to make sure they’re safe? Unite with you Uncle Pierre - an illusionist and secret magician – who will reveal the unknown mysteries and chilling details about your family and Halloween games! 

✔️ STOP YOUR VAMPIRE EX-BOYFRIEND FROM RUINING YOUR LIFE IN THE BONUS CHAPTER!  Your adventure doesn’t stop at the end of the main story! Play the bonus chapter and enjoy another round of thrilling mysterious hidden objects⋅ puzzles.

✔️ ENJOY THE SPOOKY HALLOWEEN ATMOSPHERE! These are special search and find games for the Halloween season. Complete tons of intriguing mini-games hidden around the Sullivan mansion and plunge into the spooky atmosphere!

✔️ TONS OF COLLECTIBLES AND MORPHING OBJECTS TO LOOK FOR!   Replay your favorite seek and find puzzles to search for hidden objects you need and collectibles that we’ve cleverly hidden in this games’ colorful locations!

✔️ COOL ACHIEVEMENTS, WALLPAPERS, CONCEPT ARTS, AND MORE Solve finding object games to earn achievements and get access to unique wallpapers, concept art, music, and more!

✔️ NEVER GET LOST WITH A HELPFUL STRATEGY GUIDE! If you ever get stuck while trying to find hidden objects, use the strategy guide for help and useful tips!

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