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New Game is Releasing Soon!

New game of brand new series Secret City is going to be released soon!

A mysterious petrification of a Dwarf brought your Lakrian friend Sakir to ask you for help as an independent detective. While investigating the case of magic that hasn’t been used in the Secret City for centuries, you and Sakir witness the appearance of the long sunken and lost Kingdom of Merfolks! Eager to see if anyone is still alive, you go to explore the Kingdom but only to find that all the resident are turned into stone statues! The only living Mermaid is Tenebris, the Merfolk princess, and she’s up to no good… The Secret City is under threat again, when the wicked Princess starts to seek a way to release thirteen bloodthirsty Merfolk Generals to seize the power. Will you be able to stop her before all the residents turn into stone and the Secret City falls in ruins under Tenebris’s attacks? This hidden-object puzzle adventure will open a whole new world of magical creatures, fantastic landscapes, logic and deduction puzzles and amazing hidden object scenes! Don’t miss the chance to save the Secret City and play Secret City: The Sunken Kingdom Collector’s Edition that is very soon to come! Subscribe to always stay tuned!

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