fbpx New game for iOS! Mystery Tales: The Other Side CE!
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New game for iOS! Mystery Tales: The Other Side CE!

The legedary game of one of our best series Mystery Tales: The Other Side Collector’s Edition is now available for iOS users! Play this game on your portable device whenever and wherever you want! Hurry up – it’s ON SALE! Save up to 55% off price. Download it on the AppStore now!

Twola was just another dying small town, until a new television company moved in and turned everything around. Now, to celebrate 10 years of success, Twola TV is giving away free TVs to every resident. But when people start dying in front of their TVs, some scientists start asking questions. Join your friend Natalie to solve this strange case, before Twola becomes a real ghost town in this suspenseful hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

That’s not all for the good news. Some of our other iOS games are still on sale! Download them too and save 55% of price! Uncover the hidden city, lying beneath London in our brand new series –Secret City: London Calling Collector’s Edition (AppStore), or see the “Phantom of the Opera” rethought in Dark Romance: A Performance to Die For Collector’s Edition (AppStore)and save 55% of price! Hurry up, the sale ends soon!

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