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New free to play applications!

We’re glad to announce the release of two new free to play applications available in GooglePlay and AppStore!

This is our game Bright Tap! This addictive game tests the limits of your reaction. Work your ability to make quick decisions and focus! It’s a great way to spend your free time with fun and a strong training for your reaction abilities. It has brand new unique gameplay, which you won’t find anywhere else! Click here to download it from GooglePlay or AppStore.


And this is our Fine Alarm! If you often fail to wake up in time in the morning and continue your day successfully and productively at work or at school, then this Money Alarm is just for you! It may well become the only type of an alarm, which will certainly make you wake up and shine, since every lazy minute spend in an imaginary world of dreams will cost you real money. This Alarm will take its effect even on the most persistent sleepyheads – you either wake up, or you pay! Click here to download it the AppStore.

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