fbpx New Challenge for the Mystery Tales’ Detective!
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New Challenge for the Mystery Tales’ Detective!

Do you think one should obtain everything he longs for? A healthy ambition is fine, but what happens if your desires are only bringing pain and suffering to other people? This is the question, which the main antagonist in our coming soon new game Mystery Tales: Dangerous Desires ignores completely!

Evil sorcerer Moro wants to bring his family, which died during the plague in the Middle Ages, back to life by opening the gates to the Realm of the Dead. He’s determined to do it, and nothing seems to stop him… except for you! Stop the villain and return peace to the world! This is not an easy task and you’ll have to solve a lot of mysteries and dangerous riddles to come closer to the victory. Amazing graphics, beautiful soundtracks and interesting puzzles and mini-games are waiting for you in our new game, which is coming soon! Follow the news on our website, or subscribe to the news – and you will never miss a release of our new games.

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