fbpx New Adventures in the Secret City
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New Adventures in the Secret City

A competent and expert independent detective, you are invited to the Secret City again to investigate a case of a strange petrification. Along the way, you learn that there were actually four races in the Secret City. Apart from blue-skinned giants Yotuns, magicians Lakrians and skillful Dwarves, there also used to be a race of creative and peaceful Merfolk. However, their Domain disappeared many centuries ago without a trace, after a bloody war among the Secret City inhabitants. Many residents tried to find the Merfolk Kingdom, but knowing the fact that it’s hidden in the deepest waters of the Serpentine Lake didn’t bring to anything.

Upon your arrival, you happen to witness… the Merfolk Kingdom arising from the waters of the lake! But what’s going on there? All the residents are turned into stone statues, and the only living creature is the Merfolk Princess Tenebris, whose intentions, however, are not so peaceful and creative. She’s eager to seize the whole Secret City by gathering support from 13 bloodthirsty Immortal Merfolk Generals. The Secret City’s fate is at stake, but the City is lucky to have you on its side. You’ll have to follow in Tenebris’s footsteps, trying to stop her from putting an end to the Secret City’s magnificent history. Will you be courageous enough to face the risk of petrification in your efforts to stop the culprits? Find out in our new coming soon game The Secret City: The Rise of the Ancients Collector’s Edition!


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