fbpx New adventures in the Enchanted Kingdom
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New adventures in the Enchanted Kingdom

An honored and experienced doctor, you have already successfully cured a mysterious infection in the first game of the Enchanted Kingdom series. Seemingly, the people of the Tar Empire can continue their happy life routine in their world full of magic, and the Medico Imperium Order can get down to healing some usual diseases. But not everything in the garden is rosy…

A new adventure is waiting for you in the Tar Empire! We’re glad to announce that a new game Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger’s Venom Collector’s Edition is coming soon. A beautiful dancer named Amber remembered her mother Clarissa dying from illness and poverty after the head of the Dance Imperium Order drove her from the Imperial Theatre. Before her death, Clarissa gave Amber to a shelter. Amber blames the Medico Imperium Order for her mother’s death and vows to avenge herself for it at any cost! She learned to dance and became one of the best dancers in the troupe traveling around the Empire. She finds out a complicated way of mesmerizing and poisoning people… What is her secret? No one can understand it. Doesn’t it sound like a challenge for you – a famous Medico Imperium Order Healer? You’ll have to find out the cause of the new mysterious infection, cure all the infected people and of course Amber from continuing her evil deeds.

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