fbpx A new adventure in the Labyrinths of the World series!
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A new adventure in the Labyrinths of the World series!

After solving a difficult task of closing two portals at Stonehenge , you are rewarded with a great opportunity to go on vacation to the Easter Island! But enjoyable tour gets suddenly ruined, when your world is attacked by an ancient god and his stone statues!

This is another part of the Labyrinths of the World series! New adventures, picturesque locations, plot twists and a lot of enjoyable hours of playing are waiting for you in Labyrinths of the World: Secrets of Easter Island Collector’s Edition. In this edition you’ll also find new features, new characters as well as interesting collectibles and artifacts! Replayable mini-games and Hidden Object scenes will help you refine on your playing skills and train. Numerous Achievements along the storyline and by accomplishing different tasks will make you try your best and eventually feel the boss of the game!


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