fbpx Honored Healer Faces Another Epidemic!
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Honored Healer Faces Another Epidemic!

The Tar Empire enjoys the peaceful times, and you – the Honored Healer of the Medico Imperium Order – work hard on maintaining its residents health. The Alchemist Order improves your curing and healing devices, you collaborate, and everything goes great until the day when a strange crystal falls from the sky and a mysterious hovering island appears!

You find out that this island is inhabited by the elves that has long been not seen in the Tar Empire. Known as peaceful and creative creatures, this time the elves get aggressive and start to drain everyone’s life energy for an indefinite purpose. Curing those affected by the elves, you soon find out about a coup d’etat in their Kingdom! The royal alchemist is draining everyone’s lives in order to get power over the whole fantasy continent! Will you be able to make the elves collaborate with you and stop the culprit? What other secrets are hiding on the soaring island of elves? Find out in

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