Spirit Legends: Time For Change (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

We are happy to present to you a Free To Play version of Spirit Legends: Time for Change - a beloved part of our charming fantasy series! 


A war had been declared on Monster Hunters. It means that no one is safe at your academy, and even your own mother, a professor, is in great danger. An unknown man in a mask is plotting something sinister, and you have to stop him! He hates spirits and everyone connected to them, but why? Find the cause and stop the war in this enigmatic hidden puzzle adventure!


✔️Your mother is in danger again! Play bonus chapter and help her!

✔️Decorate a study that belongs to the Heat of the academy!

✔️Learn more about the spirit world by collecting geodes. Also, study different magical items!

✔️Visit the extra menu for exclusive bonus content!

✔️Use a Strategy Guide when you feel lost!