The Christmas Spirit: Golden Ticket Collector’s Edition

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

Every child believes in Santa Claus, makes wishes and writes letters to Santa on Christmas Eve. A wonderful little boy Christopher is no exception. He truly believes his dream will come true. He wants to visit Santa Claus’ home — the North Pole. Christopher’s parents lost their Christmas spirit long ago, because they are not children anymore. But Christopher hopes that presents from Santa will bring them back to their childhood and make them believe in Christmas wonder. Suddenly, the boy received the Golden Ticket to the Polar Express! Everything seems alright, unless a group of thieves wants to take away all Christmas gifts intended for obedient children! Christopher wants to stop them, However, Harmverse, the leader of the group, is not going to give up so easily.

  • ✔️ Visit Santa’s land, the amazing north pole!

  • ✔️ Use your wits to solve various puzzles!

  • ✔️ Do you want to save christmas? then play the bonus chapter and catch the thieves!

  • ✔️ Gather collectibles and look for morphing objects!

  • ✔️ Never get lost with the strategy guide!