Spirit Legends: The Aeon Heart Collector’s Edition

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

Congratulations! An artificial heart had been successfully transplanted into your chest. But check-ups are still a must, so you go to your uncle, who is a scientist. Who could have predicted that when you arrive, your uncle is going to be missing? He was abducted by a mysterious order that does not trust combinations of magic and science. Are you capable enough to use a powerful bestiary to tame bloodthirsty beasts the order uses? You are now the only one who can save your uncle and the Spirits, and your time is running out. Play this thrilling hidden-object adventure!


✔️ Play an exciting bonus chapter and protect Spirits of Nature from a force that wants to harm them!

✔️ Show off your puzzle-solving skills and earn achievements!

✔️ Look around to find different collectibles for your Laboratory!

✔️ Download wallpaper, game soundtrack, and other bonuses from the Extra menu!

✔️ Always stay on track with the Strategy Guide!